It all started with Welcome to My Life, the 2004 smash hit from Canadian pop-punk band Simple Plan. Having recently fallen in love with the pop-punk sound, the teenage David Heath couldn’t get enough of Still Not Getting Any… Simple Plan’s album boasting Welcome to My Life. While memorizing the album and learning Simple Plan’s fan base, Heath pondered how many of those fans were dealing with horrendously battered backgrounds. “I have to help these kids”, said Heath, continuing, “Like anyone, I’ve dealt with some dysfunctionality in my life, but nothing like these kids”. Heath began writing songs to offer hope and encouragement to kids from broken homes. 

While Heath nurtured his dream of producing life-giving music for at-risk kids, it took a backseat in his life as he pursued other dreams and concurrently wrote a broader range songs about life as he and his music dream matured. After earning college degrees in Math and Economics, Heath launched a career at Deloitte Consulting, gaining business acumen at the fast pace of corporate America. In late 2017, destiny brought Heath to take a leave from Deloitte to launch his long-time dream music project, Some Day Perfect. 

There Is Hope, You Are Loved, Some Day Perfect's first EP produced by Heath as a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, was released in April, 2018. Swirling hints of Owl City, Yellowcard, Blink-182, Angels and Airwaves, Relient K, Simple Plan, Avicii, and others, There Is Hope, You Are Loved proclaims hope, optimism, friendship, and victory through contagiously high-energy pop-punk and electronic -style tunes.